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Slide 3: Simple squamous epithelium (mesothelium)

Silver nitrate & HE

This is a spread preparation of the mesenterium. The mesenterium is a thin serous membrane found in the peritoneal cavity of the abdomen. The mesenterium has two outer layers of mesothelium and an inner core of connective tissue. Because the specimen is a spread of the membrane on the slide and not a sectioned piece of tissue, the mesothelium is studied looking at the surface of the cells. This slide serves as an example of cells organized into a continuous layer with the cell borders clearly visible. By focusing up and down both mesothelial layers can be seen.


  1. Cell borders.
  2. Shape of the cells.

  3. Large lightly stained nuclei.

  4. (Connective tissue cell nuclei are discussed later under connective tissue).

Draw and annotate:

A surface view of a few cells and their nuclei indicating the shape of the cells by means of their borders:


  1. How do the cell borders appear?
  2. How do we know these cells are thin?
  3. Describe serous membranes and explain its function.


Caribbean reef squid



Caribbean reef squid
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