Skeletal muscle in tongue (iron haematoxillin)


Workbook tasks

Slide 19: Skeletal muscle (striated)


This is a section through the tip of the tongue stained to show the cross striations.

Identify microscopically:

  1. Longitudinal section of skeletal muscle
  2. The different bands in the longitudinal section that form the cross striations

  3. Nuclei of the skeletal muscle and connective tissue

Draw and annotate:

A skeletal muscle fibre. Indicate al the different components in detail.


  1. How many of the cross striation of skeletal muscle are visible under the light microscope?
  2. Can all the bands be seen?
  3. How does each band appear?



Longitudinal and cross section of striated muscle

Arrangement of muscle bundles and connective tissues

High magnification of cross and diagonal section of muscle

Myofibrils and components

High magnification of skeletal muscle illustrating the A and I bands

Very high magnification of the components of a myofibril

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