Kidney (injected)


Workbook tasks

Slide 28: Kidney

Berlin blue

This slide is a section through an injected kidney to illustrate the blood vessels.

Identify microscopically:

  1. Aa. arcuatae
  2. Aa. Interlobulares

  3. Afferent arterioles

  4. Efferent arterioles

  5. Vasa recta

Draw and annotate:

The blood vessels of the kidney.


  1. Where are the aa. and vv. arcuatae of the kidney found?
  2. In what part of the kidney are the interlobular vessels found?
  3. Into which vessels do the afferent arteriole branch?
  4. What is the further course of the efferent arteriole?
  5. In what part of the kidney are the vasa recta found?


  1. Cross section through the kidney
  2. Glomerulus of the kidney


Clinical case

Clinical case: Kidney 1


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