Clinical case

Clinical case: Ileum

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Slide 41: Ileum


This slide is a longitudinal section through the ileum.

This specimen also serves as an example of endothelium as seen in a section. For more examples, see the sections through the skin of the palm (slide 93) or a section through the ileum. The blood vessels can be found in the dermis/hypodermis of the skin or in the submucosa of the ileum.


  1. Macroscopic

    At very low magnification, identify the three coloured layers seen in the section:

  • A dark pink to red scalloped area - the epidermis.

  • A central light pink area - the dermis.

  • A thick very light pink area - the hypodermis.

  1. The blood vessels can be found under low magnification in the dermis.

  2. Microscopic
  • Mucosa

  • Submucosa

  • M. externa

  • Serosa

  • Lymphocyte infiltration

  • Lumen of the blood vessel

  • Endothelial cells against the lumen

  • Nuclei of the endothelial cells

  • Cytoplasm

  • Layers of the blood vessel wall


Draw and annotate:

A line drawing of the ileum.

A line diagram of the blood vessel and endothelial cells.


  1. What is characteristic of the endothelial cells?
  2. What is characteristic of the cytoplasm of these endothelial cells? And the nuclei?
  3. What is sometimes seen in the lumen?
  4. What are the similarities and differences between the ileum and duodenum?



Very low magnification

Medium magnification

Layers of the ileum

High magnification

High magnification of the ileum
High magnification of endothelium in the ileum


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