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Clinical Case
A patient complains of frequent liquid stools containing blood and pus and severe cramps, and demonstrates symptoms and signs of dehydration, anaemia, fever, and weight loss.

Sigmoidoscopy reveals an ulcerated, hyperaemic, and haemorrhagic mucosa and a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis is made.

  • What is characteristic of the normal colonic surface compared to that of the ileum?
  • How does the colonic mucosa differ from that of the small intestine?
  • What types of epithelial cells are found in the colon and what is their main role?
  • What is characteristic of the muscularis externa of the colon and how are the muscle layers arranged?

A low magnification of a section through the colon demonstrating the different structures.

Fig 42-001
Fig 42-001

Clinical Case Fig 42-001

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