Workbook tasks

Slide 51: The Lip


This slide is a sagittal section through the lip.

Identify microscopically:

  1. The three different parts of the surface of the lip
  2. Muscle

  3. Connective Tissue

  4. Labial glands

Draw and annotate:

A diagram of the lip.


  1. How are the three different parts of the lip surface differentiated on grounds on their epithelium?
  2. What type of muscle is seen here?
  3. Classify the labial gland?


Sherlock Holmes in The Man with the Twisted Lip. Original caption was The pipe was still between his lips.


Cross section through the lip
Section of the lip, showing cellular detail
Gland in the lip
Cebaceous glands in the skin of the lip
Hair follicle on the lip
Cebaceous gland surrounded by skeletal muscle
Fat cells and muscle fibers from the lip
Small artery in the lip
Seromucous glands in the lip

Very low magnification

Slide 51: Very low magnification of the lip


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