Meninges Slide 61 (Silver staining)
The following figure is a diagrammatical representation of the meningial layers. The diagram is taken from Histology by Stevens & Lowe, 1st Edition, fig 13:15 (a), p 217)

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Fig 1

A low magnification of the brain demonstrating the meninges.

Fig 61-005
Fig 061-005

Extended questions
  • Between which layers is subdural bleeding found?
  • Between which layers is subarachnoidal bleeding found?
  • Where is the infection found in meningitis?
  • What are the two layers of the dura mater?
  • How does die cerebral dura mater differ from that of the spinal?
  • Where is the epidural space found?
  • What are the arachnoid villi?
  • What does the pia mater consist of?

Clinical Case Fig 61-005


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