Liver (pig)


Workbook tasks

Slide 68: Liver


This slide is a section through pig liver. Pig liver is used as an example as the liver lobules are well defined, in contrast to those of humans.

Identify microscopically:

  1. The fibrous capsule of the liver (capsule of Glisson)
  2. Liver lobules

  3. Liver parenchyme

  4. Vena centralis

  5. Portal areas

Draw and annotate:

A cross-section of a liver lobule of the pig.


  1. What is the shape of the liver lobules?
  2. What types of cells are found in the lobules?
  3. How is the liver parenchyme arranged?
  4. What comprise the portal areas, and where are they found?
  5. How are the structures of each portal area distinguished from each other?


Variable magnification

Very low magnification

Classical and portal lobule and liver acinus
Functional areas of the liver acinus

Low magnification

Portal triad and dust

Medium magnification

High magnification

Structures within the portal triad
Structures within the portal triad
Structures within the portal triad
Sinusoids around the central vein
Hepatocytes around the central vein
Sinusoids and bile canaliculi
Cells in the liver



Clinical case

Liver cirrhosis
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