Muscular artery and medium vein (r/f)


Workbook tasks

Slide 70: Muscular artery and medium vein


This slide is a cross-section through a medium artery and vein showing the elastic fibers.

  1. View the slide on low magnification. In this view, you should be able to see the lumens of the blood vessels, the walls and several surrounding structures.

      1. How many blood vessels are visible on the slide?
      2. Identify each of the blood vessels on the slide.
      3. What other structures are visible on the slide?
      4. What is present in the areas between the structures?

  2. Identify:
    • The lumens of the blood vessels.
    • Wall of the blood vessels.
    • Tissues surrounding the blood vessels.
    • Structures accompanying the artery and vein.
    • Tissues between the structures.

      1. Is this a cross or longitudinal section?
      2. What is the approximate diameter of each of the structures on the slide relative to the wall?
      3. Name the layers found in the wall of a muscular artery and vein.
      4. What are the relative thickness of the three layers of the artery and vein with respect to each other?
      5. What structure is clearly visible in the wall of the muscular artery?
      6. What is characteristic of each layer and division of the wall of the muscular artery and vein?
      7. What cells are normally present in the tissues found between the structures on the slide?
      8. Name the function/s of each of these cells.
      9. Name the 3 layers of connective tissue associated with nerve bundles.

  3. View the medium and high magnification slides of the muscular artery and vein. In this view, cellular detail should be visible.
    • Identify the cells (or their nuclei) present in each of the various structures visible on the slide.

      1. What is diagnostic of each of the cells visible on the slide?
      2. Are the cells visible in cross, diagonal or longitudinal section?
      3. Explain the function of each of the cells present in the structures.

  4. Make an annotated diagram of the low magnification view of the arteries, veins and surrounding structures. For the artery and vein, make and annotated drawing, indicating cellular and structural detail and distribution of fibres. Indicate cross, oblique or longitudinal sections as appropriate. Add the function of each structure.

      1. What is characteristic of the elastic fibres of the artery and vein?
      2. How are elastic fibres arranged and distributed in the artery and vein?
      3. How can the arrangement and distribution of elastic fibres be used to distinguish between a muscular artery and vein?






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