Tuba uterina


Workbook tasks

Slide 97: Uterine tube


This specimen is a section through the uterine tube (fallopian tube).

Identify microscopically:

  1. Lumen of the tuba uterine

  2. Mucosa

  3. M. externa

  4. Serosa

  5. Ciliated as well as non-ciliated columnar epithelial cells

Draw and annotate:

A line drawing of the fallopian tube.

A few simple ciliated columnar epithelial cells. Indicate the cilia and basal bodies clearly, as well as the connective tissue that these cells rest on.


  1. What is present on the free surface of the columnar cells?
  2. How do the cilia and basal bodies appear microscopically?
  3. How does the shape of these columnar epithelial cells compare to those of the gallbladder?
  4. What is characteristic of the lumen?
  5. What is characteristic of the epithelium?



Tuba uterina
Basal bodies


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