The male urethra



The male urethra is divided into three segments:

Prostatic urethra

  • Runs through the prostate.
  • Initially the epithelium is urothelium but changes to stratified columnar epithelium.
  • The lamina propria contains gland and is located on an inner longitudinal and an outer circular smooth muscle layer.

Membranous urethra

  • Is the shortest segment.
  • It runs through the urogenital diaphragm.
  • The lumen is irregular.
  • Lacunae are found in places.
  • The epithelium is stratified columnar.

Cavernous urethra

  • Runs through the corpus spongiosum and opens on the glans.
  • Stratified columnar epithelium lines the irregular lumen.
  • Close to the opening the epithelium changes to unkeratinised stratified squamous epithelium.
  • The lamina propria contains small mucinous glands, the glands of Littre.


  Anatomy of the male urethra


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