Polyten chromosome


  1. Microscopy
  2. Epithelia
  3. Connective Tissue
  4. Cartilage
  5. Bone
  6. Blood
  7. Muscle
  8. Nervous tissue
  9. Glandular epithelium
  10. Lymphoid system
  11. Kidneys
  12. Circulatory system
  13. Digestive system: Liver

  14. Digestive system: Oral Cavity

  15. Work book. To keep this available, right click on the link and select Open in New Tab.
    Work book: Microscopy, Epithelia and Connective Tissues

    Tasks: Cartilage and Bone

    Workbook for Cartilage and Bone 7 August 2018

    Workbook for Muscle and Nervous Tissue 21 August 2018

    Workbook for Glandular Epithelium 27 August 2018

    Work book: CardioVascular System

    Workbook: Liver

    Workbook: Lymphoid and Kidney

    Workbook: Oral cavity

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