14 Cardiovascular System

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  45        6         
        7                8             
    9                          10
    1415                  16                               
          18          19         
20                                        21         
            26          2728 
    34    35                      36   
41                          42                43                         
      47    48                                   
    50                                                51


  1. small nerve fibers found in arteries and veins that trigger contraction of the smooth muscle in their walls (13)
  2. outermost connective tissue covering of an organ, vessel, or other structure (10)
  3. physical junction between adjacent cardiac muscle cells; consisting of desmosomes specialized linking proteoglycans and gap junctions that allow passage of ions between the two cells (17)
  4. abnormally high levels of fluid and blood within the body (12)
  5. to be enriched with oxygen (10)
  6. constriction of the smooth muscle of a blood vessel resulting in a decreased vascular diameter (16)
  7. smallest of blood vessels where physical exchange occurs between the blood and tissue cells surrounded by interstitial fluid (9)
  8. outermost layer (17)
  9. movement of blood through a vessel tissue or organ that is usually expressed in terms of volume per unit of time (10)
  10. effect on increasing blood pressure within veins by compression of the vessel caused by the contraction of nearby skeletal muscle (20)
  11. interior of a tubular structure such as a blood vessel or a portion of the alimentary canal through which blood chyme or other substances travel (5)
  12. tunica intima (14)
  13. a gas with no colour or smell needed for life (6)
  14. blood vessel that conducts blood away from the heart; may be a conducting or distributing vessel (6)
  15. wavy band of elastic fibers between tunica intima and media (23)
  16. small blood vessels located within the walls or tunics of larger vessels that supply nourishment to and remove wastes from the cells of the vessels (12)
  17. abnormally low levels of fluid and blood within the body (11)
  18. elastic fiber layer on periphery of tunica media of muscular arteries (23)
  19. innermost lining or tunic of a vessel (13)
  20. one of the bean-shaped organs found associated with the lymphatic vessels (10)
  21. membrane composed of elastic fibers that separates the tunica intima from the tunica media; seen in larger arteries (25)
  22. capillary with extremely large intercellular gaps in the basement membrane in addition to clefts and fenestrations; found in areas such as the bone marrow and liver where passage of large molecules occurs (18)
  23. most common type of capillary found in virtually all tissues except epithelia and cartilage; contains very small gaps in the endothelial lining that permit exchange (20)
  24. membrane composed of elastic fibers that separates the tunica media from the tunica externa; seen in larger arteries (25)
  25. lining with pores allowing small molecules and limited amounts of protein to diffuse (23)
  26. vessel artery with abundant smooth muscle in the tunica media that branches to distribute blood to the arteriole network (15)


  1. contractile cell wrapped around capillaries and venules (8)
  2. interrupted lining allowing red and white blood cells and serum proteins to pass (25)
  3. uninterrupted lining, only allowing small molecules to pass through (22)
  4. large duct that drains lymph from the lower limbs left thorax left upper limb and the left side of the head (13)
  5. outermost layer or tunic of a vessel (except capillaries) (14)
  6. bulk of the cardiac muscle cells in the atria and ventricles that conduct impulses and contract to propel blood (28)
  7. a type of open pore capillary (8)
  8. middle layer or tunic of a vessel (except capillaries) (12)
  9. bag-like vessel that forms the beginning of the thoracic duct (14)
  10. type of capillary with pores in the endothelium that allow for rapid passage of certain small materials (21)
  11. unencapsulated patches of lymphoid tissue found throughout the body (16)
  12. small vessel leading from the capillaries to veins (6)
  13. smooth tissue membrane consisting of two layers of mesothelium, which secrete serous fluid (6)
  14. muscular organ (5)
  15. one of the four fundamental states of matter (3)
  16. vessel with abundant elastic fibers located closer to the heart which maintains the pressure gradient and conducts blood to smaller branches (14)
  17. smallest of the lymphatic vessels and the origin of lymph flow (21)
  18. fluid contained within the lymphatic system (5)
  19. force exerted by the blood against the wall of a vessel or heart chamber; can be described with the more generic term hydrostatic pressure (14)
  20. lack of oxygen supply to the tissues (7)
  21. specialized myocardial conduction fibers that arise from the bundle branches and spread the impulse to the myocardial contraction fibers of the ventricles (15)
  22. network of 10 - 100 capillaries connecting arterioles to venules (13)
  23. relaxation of the smooth muscle in the wall of a blood vessel resulting in an increased vascular diameter (12)
  24. very small artery with 1 to 5 layers of smooth muscle fibers that leads to a capillary (9)
  25. assist venous flow by preventing backflow (5)
  26. insufficient blood flow to the tissues (8)
  27. blood vessel that conducts blood toward the heart (4)

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