Selftoetse / Self testing

Histologie / Histology

  1. Interleaved Histology Review

    Answer on paper, identifying as many of the numbered items as possible. Depending on your self-assesment, select one of the 2 options to show the answer.

    Updated: 18 September 2019 - make a note of this date.

  2. Microscope
  3. Cell cycle
  4. Epithelia
  5. Connective tissue
  6. White blood cells
  7. Muscle and Nervous Tissue
  8. Nervous tissues and cells

  9. Overview revision: mixed bag - read the instructions below.
  10. Overview revision: cells, structures, tissues and organs
  11. Overview revision: short answer - answer on paper

    This is a mix of various topics. To get the best results, elaborate on each answer AS WELL AS each confounder. For each item, add:

    1. Cells
    2. Tissues
    3. Organs
    4. Structures
    5. Functions
    Only the correct answer as per the question will be provided, but use your own resources to generate a memorandum. When you go through the quiz a second time (as you should after some delay), you can use your memorandum to assign your own mark. If you get stuck, or spot an error, please contact me.

    In some cases, REVEAL will give INCORRECT!, especially with the short answer questions. Assess your own answer and keep score over multiple attempts. You want incremental improvements!