Tonsilla lingualis

A section through the lingual tonsils.

Workbook tasks

Slide 22: Lingual tonsil


This slide is a section through the lingual tonsil.


Identify microscopically:

  1. Epithelium

  2. Lingual tonsil

  3. Supporting tissue


Draw and annotate:

A diagram of the lingual tonsil showing the different structures.



  1. What type of epithelium is found here?
  2. What are the structures of the lingual tonsil?
  3. What is characteristic of the crypts?
  4. What type of secretory unit is found in the deep glands of the tonsil, and where do the ducts of these glands open?



  1. Lymph nodes in the lamina propria on the dorsal part of the tongue
  2. Detail of a section of the lingual tonsil


  1. Structures of the oral cavity
  2. Structures in the oral cavity
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