Spinal Cord Slide 26 (H & E)

A very low magnification of the spinal column demonstrating the different structures.

Fig 26-008
Fig 026-008

Extended questions
  • What is found in the longitudinal grooves?
  • What is white matter build up of?
  • What is gray matter build up of?
  • What lines the central canal?
  • Where do the axons of the lateral horn run to? What are they called?
  • What does the cross connection between the right and left sides of the gray matter consist of?
  • Are the axons of the white matter mostly myelinated or unmyelinated?

A higher magnification of the white and gray matter of the spinal cord.

Fig 26-006
Fig 026-006

A higher magnification of the gray matter demonstrating anterior motor neurons.

Fig 26-004
Fig 026-004

Clinical Case Fig 26-008 Fig 26-006 Fig 26-004


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