Stomach (pylorus)


Workbook tasks

Slide 38: Stomach - pylorus


This slide is a cross section through the pylorus of the stomach.

Identify microscopically:

  1. Foveolae
  2. Mucosa

  3. Gastric glands

  4. Submucosa

  5. M. externa

  6. Serosa

  7. Ganglia

  8. Lymphocyte infiltration

Draw and annotate:

A line sketch of the stomach where a number of foveolae and gastric glands are shown in detail.


  1. How deep do the foveolae penetrate into the mucosa?
  2. What are the layers of the mucosa?
  3. What are the identifying characteristics of the extent, areas and types of cells of the gastric glands?
  4. Where are lymphocytes found, and how are they arranged?


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