Adrenal gland


Workbook tasks

Slide 56: Adrenal glands


This slide is a section through an adrenal gland.

Identify microscopically:

  1. Capsule
  2. Cortex

  3. Medulla

Draw and annotate:

A line diagram of an adrenal gland in which examples of each of the different components is shown in detail.


  1. What are the components of the capsule and what is typical of this capsule?
  2. In which zones can the cortex be divided?
  3. How are the cells of the different zones distinguished from one another?
  4. What are the distinguishing characteristics of the medulla?



Macroscopic anatomy of the adrenal gland

  1. Name the structure and list the relations of the adrenal glands.
  2. List the arterial blood supply and venous drainage of the adrenal glands.
  3. Name the relationship of the autonomic plexuses to the adrenal glands.
  4. Identify the regions of the adrenals on a coronal section of the glands.
  5. Identify the adrenals on CT scans or MRl.



Very low magnification

Very low magnification of the adrenal gland

Low magnification

Medium magnification

High magnification

High magnification of the adrenal gland
High magnification of the adrenal gland: Strips

Very high magnification


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