Control: Nervous System - Nervous Tissues


Nervous Tissue

In this topic, the basic structure of nerves, synapses, central and peripheral nervous systems, supporting cells of nervous tissue and the special senses will be looked at.

The following content will be studied in this topic:

  1. Cell bodies
    • Multipolar
    • Pseudo-unipolar
  2. Processes
    • Myelinated
    • Unmyelinated
  3. Nerve endings
    1. Central nervous system
      • Synapse
    2. Peripheral nervous system
      1. Motor units
        • Motor muscle end plate
      2. Sensory endings
        • Pacinian corpuscle
        • Meissner's corpuscle
  1. Astrocytes
  2. Ependyma
Nervous system:
  1. Ganglia
    • Spinal
    • Sympathetic
    • Parasympathetic
  2. Cerebrum
  3. Cerebellum
  4. Spinal cord
Special sense:
  1. Eye
  2. Ear
  3. Touch
    • Pacinian corpuscle
    • Meissner’s corpuscle

You should be able to:

  • Describe the major divisions of the nervous system.
  • Describe the functional and structural differences between grey and white matter.
  • Describe the basic structure of a neuron.
  • Identify neurons, neuroglia and neuropil.
  • Identify the different types of neurons.
  • Identify and describe the differences between axons and dendrites.
  • Identify and describe myelinated and nonmyelinated nerve axons.
  • Identify and explain the connective tissue arrangements in nervous tissue.
  • Describe the components and organisation of the central and peripheral nervous systems.
  • Describe and identify the supporting cells in the central and peripheral nervous system.
  • Describe the functions of the various cells and structures of the nervous system.
  • Describe the structure of synapses.

Slides for this week

For each slide, complete the work as listed below. Completing the whole slide will assist you in understanding and retention. For each slide, allocate an A3 spread in your workbook. Remember to add the slide and its page number to the index in the front of the book.


  1. Name 3 types of neurons.
  2. What is a synapse?
  3. Name the types of cells which form myelin in the CNS & PNS.
  4. Name the 4 specialized support cells of the central nervous system.
  5. Name and define the 3 meningeal layers.
  6. What is the function of the choroid plexus?
  7. Name the 4 components of a peripheral nerve.
  8. Where are the endoneurium, perineurium and epineurium located?
  9. Which autoimmune disease attacks the myelin of the CNS?

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