Workbook for Histology


The relevant section for each week will be available here. All slides for each section needs to be completed in full each week. Some slides do repeat in later sections, for example slide 73: Trachea is used to demonstrate epithelia and connective tissues, as well as the trachea as a large structure. Your focus should be on the material relevant to that specific week. In upcoming weeks, add to and build on your existing work.


Content on this page are moving to the individual topic pages. If you are not able to find the content you are looking for, please refer to the specific topic page.

Workbook sections.


Suggested approach

The following is a suggested approach to keep the work managable:
  1. There are approximately 120 slides in total for the subject Histology. You will complete this over several years, with the final work being done in your fourth year.

  2. Many of the slides do repeat, with a slightly different focus each time. Although the focus change, it will build on your existing knowledge. You do not need to repeat work you have already done, only expand, correct and revise.

  3. Use a 288 page A4 hardcover counter book. This will ensure easy access to the slides, with little admin and reduce your chances of loosing the book over the four years. Each slide will have its double page in the book.

  4. Open the book so you have the hard outside cover page on the left and the first soft page on the right.

  5. Number the right hand pages at the bottom right, all the way to the last soft page. You should have pages 1 to 141.

  6. At the top of pages 1 to 4 - left and right hand side - write Index.

  7. On the index page, you will note the content of the book.

  8. On page 5 Left hand side, you will start the first study topic. This could vary according to the final schedule followed.

  9. Each topic or slide will have a double page spread in your book. This will include drawings, notes, review questions and any other material you feel is necessary for you to master the content.

  10. As you progress through the book, update the index with relevant page numbers.

  11. You might be required to submit electronic copies of the workbook to show completion.

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