Slide 48: Reticular fibers - liver


Workbook tasks

Slide 48: Liver


This is a section through the liver stained with silver to demonstrate reticular fibers.

The space of Disse is visualised by means of the reticular fibers.



  • The mass of liver tissue


  • Reticular fibers

  • The ghost image outlines of the cords of liver cells

  • Networks of reticular fibers

  • Position of sinusoids

  • Position of the space of Disse


Draw and annotate:

Draw the general outline of the liver cells.

The reticular fibers, cords of liver cells and sinusoids.


  1. What characteristics are used to distinguish reticular fibers?
  2. How do reticular fibers differ from collagen and elastic fibers?
  3. Where are the reticular fibers specifically found?
  4. How are the reticular fibers arranged three dimensionally?




  1. Section of liver
  2. Section of liver
  3. Compare H&E and silver stain for reticular fibres
  4. Section of liver showing a portal triad
  5. Liver tissue
  6. Section of liver
  7. Portal triad
  8. Section of liver with a central vein
  9. Blood vessel in liver stained with silver
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