Histology Practical Sessions

2020 Semester 2 - Histology

Introduction to Histology; Microscopy; and Ultrastructure of the Cell

Block 4 - 2020

Can be completed in any order. Feedback form available below.
  1. Overview: Liver, Lung, Lymphoid, Kidney and Skin
  2. Revision for Liver, Lung, Lymphoid, Kidney and Skin
  3. Liver
  4. Respiratory System
    1. Respiratory System - session 1
    2. Respiratory System - review 2
  5. Kidney
  6. Skin
  7. Lymphoid system

Block 11 - 2020

Drop me a note with your concerns. I will post feedback in return on this page.
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Use this material to complete and expand your own existing notes, NOT as a primary source. 
You should incorporate outside resources (like this), into your own EXISTING mental model. 
Expanding your own mental model is better for retention and understanding, than trying to use someone elses model as your own.

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