Lymph node


Workbook tasks

Slide 66: Lymph Node


This slide is a section through a lymph node.


Identify microscopically:

  1. The capsule

  2. Subcapsular, cortical and medullary sinuses

  3. Cortex

  4. Medulla


Draw and annotate:

A diagram showing the different components of a lymph node.



  1. What tissue makes up the capsule and trabeculae?
  2. What are the distribution and features of the sinuses?
  3. What is characteristic of the cortex and what do lymph follicles look like?
  4. What is an identifying feature of the medulla?
  5. What types of cells make up the medulla?
  6. What are the different layers that form the lymph node?
  7. Recognise the structures of the cortex of the lymph node.



  1. A lymph node
  2. Detail of the capsule of a lymph node
  3. Germinal center of lymphoid nodule
  4. Detail of the capsule of a lymph node
  5. Part of a lymph node of a pig


Diagram and slide to illustrate the histology of a lymph node


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