Overview and general structure

  • Two ejaculatory ducts extend through the prostate to open into the urethra
  • The prostate is covered by a connective tissue capsule and consists of glandular tissue with smooth muscle and loose connective tissue in between
  • The lumen of the urethra is V-shaped and the mucosa contains a longitudinal ridge with grooves or sinuses on both sides
  • Small mucosal glands are present in the lamina propria which open at any site into the lumen
  • Smooth muscle separates these glands from the main prostatic glands
  • The prostatic glands are compound-alveolar glands which differ from the pancreas and parotid in that:
    1. 1. the alveoli is not densely arranged
    2. 2. a lot of connective tissue and smooth muscle fibers are found between the alveoli
    3. 3. the alveoli are larger and contain large lumens
    4. 4. the walls of the alveoli display folds
  • The epithelium of the alveoli is simple or pseudostratified columnar


  Distribution of glands in the human prostate

Clinical case



  1. Very low magnification
  2. Low magnification
  3. Medium magnification

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