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00 Microscopy Basic introduction to using a binocular microscope and staining of slides.
01 Ultrastructure of the cell and the cell cycle Cellular organelles and cell division.
02 Epithelia Epithelia covers all surfaces of the body and line the outside of organs.
03 Glandular epithelia Glands are specialised epithelia which secretes substances into ducts or blood vessels.
04 Connective Tissue Connective tissue supports and protects.
05 Cartilage Cartilage is a supportive connective tissue that provides some strength.
06 Bone Bone support and protect internal organs.
07 Blood Blood is a connective tissue consisting of cellular elements and extracellular matrix in the form of plasma.
08 Muscle Muscle allows movement, in response to a stimulus.
09 Nervous Tissue Nervous tissue are capable of sending and receiving signals.
10 Nervous system A collection of organs that coordinate various inputs.
11 Eye Chemical Camera Orbs
12 Ear I hear You
13 Skin Keeping the Insides in and the Outsides out.
14 Cardiovascular System Transport system of fluids in the body.
15 Lymph vessels and lymphoid organs Coordinated Protective Systems
16 Digestive system Eat. Sleep. Exercise.
17 Respiratory system In.Out.Repeat.
18 Urinary system The urinary system maintain homoeostasis and is responsible for the elimination of waste from the human body.
19 Men's Health The male reproductive system

The male reproductive system consists of the testis, genital ducts, accessory sex glands and penis. The main functions of the male reproductive system is to produce spermatozoa and sex hormones.

20 Women's Health The female reproductive system

The female reproductive organs are the right and left ovaries and uterine tubes, the uterus, the vagina, the external genitalia, and the mammary glands.

21 Endocrine organs and cells Control and Feedback
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