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Digestive system

In view of the important secretory, excretory, absorptive and propulsive functions of the gastrointestinal tract, the clinical relevance of the system and its components goes without saying. Also, it would be impossible for the clinician to fully understand the relevant gastrointestinal physiology and pathology without a thorough working knowledge of the histology of the different organs.

While the essential functional roles of the GI tract - the absorption of nutrients and the excretion of the products - are accomplished predominantly at the mucosal surface, these processes also depend on the deeper muscular layers for the coordinated propulsion of food through the lumen. The complexity of the neural and endocrine factors contributing to the regulation of intestinal motility and secretion is only now becoming fully appreciated.

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  4. For each tissue and organ, look at the following:
    • Low magnification histology
    • High magnification histology
    • Clinical anatomy
    • Functional aspects
    • Pathology
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  1. Digestive system

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