Endocrine organs

Endocrine organs and cells

Glandular tissue consists of endocrine and exocrine glands. For exocrine glands, review the relevant topics. This topic focus on the endocrine system.

The endocrine system consists of discrete organs, portions of organs and distributed cells that secrete hormones into surrounding tissues or structures.

  1. Topic Overview: Endocrine organs and cells

  2. Topic Tasks and Objectives
    • Tasks and Objectives
    • Knowledge Organiser sheet 1 (pdf)
      • Topic, keyword or organ: All content on the topic sheet refers to this central topic, keyword or organ. Name the topic, give its functions and make an annotated drawing to illustrate the topic.
      • List and Functions: List all cells, tissues and structures related to the topic or keyword and provide their functions.
      • Describe: Write short descriptions of the cells, tissues and structures related to the topic or keyword.
      • Draw: Make a diagram or drawing of each of the cells, tissues and structures listed.
      • Related: What other knowledge areas relate to the central topic item and should be reviewed for elaborative information?
      • Questions: Make at least 3 questions relating to the central topic item.
      • Unsure about? What are you still unsure about and need to clarify for better understanding?
    • Knowledge Organiser sheet 2 (pdf)
      • Keyword: The primary keyword for this page. All information on this page must relate to the keyword.
      • Definition: Write a concise definition of the keyword.
      • Used in a sentence: Use the keyword in a meaningful sentence related to Histology.
      • Annotated picture: Make an annotated drawing to illustrate key concepts of the keyword.
      • Questions with the keyword as answer: Construct several questions related to the keyword.
      • Other words linked to the keyword: Elaborate and interconnect with other material related to the keyword. This can be anatomy, physiology, pharmacology or clinical.
      • Make one or more sentences linking the keyword and linked words: Short notes connecting the words used.
      • What needs revision? What needs to be revised or clarified for better understanding of the keyword?

  3. Slides:
    1. Main glands
    2. Other

  4. Vocabulary

  5. Extended reading

  6. Mindmap

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